A Quarter Blue has resources for all ages:

*  I Am A Super Kid: An Age-Appropriate Guide to Empower Three to Seven Year-Olds in Protecting Their Bodies
*  SECURE, a high school magazine that encourages survivors to realize they are not alone, and they may need help to work through their trauma.  It also seeks to develop  students’ self-worth.
*  My Secret Life: A Truthful Look at a Child Actor’s Victory Over Sexual Abuse, the autobiography of A Quarter Blue’s founder
*  Educating Adults to Protect & Empower Children, a book for trusted adults to better understand how to raise children to be less likely to fall prey to the ploys of pedophiles
*  A Treasure to Behold, a picture book that encourages readers that a treasured beauty develops out of persevering in spite of the hardship experienced
*  We’ve Been There, a magazine for elementary-aged girls created by high school-aged girls
*  The Tale of Gale, an illustrated story of a brave young boy who  runs for help when suspects a coach is being inappropriate