About Us

Mission: A Quarter Blue’s AQB Trauma Recovery Center offers therapeutic and practical support to children, teens, and adults who have been affected by crimes. AQB’s Education and Training Services offer programs to enlighten families how to protect and empower their children, in addition to equip professionals in effective interventions for victims of crime.

A 2009 Department of Justice study showed that more than 60 percent of children surveyed were exposed to violence within the past year either directly or indirectly. Children’s exposure to violence, whether as victims or witnesses, is often associated with long-term physical, psychological, and emotional harm.

“Adverse childhood experiences are common, destructive, and have an effect that often lasts for a lifetime. They are the most important determinant of the health and well-being of our nation… the primary issues are well protected by social convention and taboo…We physicians have limited ourselves to the smallest part of the problem, that part where we are comfortable as mere prescribers of medication.” Dr. Vincent Felitti, Kaiser Permanente

”The long-term effects of the abuse ‘were absolutely profound,’ says lead author and child psychologist Penelope Trickett, USC professor of Social Work. ‘It’s just not mental health issues. Some of these women are suffering from a lot of problems today like sleep issues, poor health utilization, and have a lot of risky behaviors. It’s very disturbing.’” NBC.com

Many people never received the help they need and deserve.  It is never too late!

A Quarter Blue’s Trauma Recovery Center seeks to bring wholeness within families after enduring violent crime. AQB provides an individual, creative approach for survivors from underserved populations. Optimal healing occurs if the whole family is ministered to in their pain and grief, if this is possible and safe. AQB strives to have the whole family in individual counseling, and supplement with family sessions and peer group counseling when needed. Therapeutic services are key for restoration, since victims of crime who do not have healthy outlets for healing have an increased probability of suffering from drug addiction, physical and mental illness, and countless other symptoms of unresolved trauma.

Services include: therapy with talk, play, sand, art, & music; peer and parent support groups; weekly therapy with art at office and local high school; advocacy at school and court proceedings; and provision of physical needs.

AQB Education & Training Services offers education to enlighten families about how to protect & empower children through seminars & distribution of AQB resources, through Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership for OC District Attorney, Foster Parent Seminars, communal events, & more. Trainings also equip professionals in effective interventions for crime victims, such as at Children’s Network Conference in San Bernardino. Congressman Lou Correa recognized A Quarter Blue’s founder as a Woman of Distinction for her work with families who have endured criminal trauma.