AQB trauma recovery center uses many types of therapy, including the traditional “talk therapy.”

AQTRC seeks to meet clients’ needs with an individualized approach, as they overcome obstacles. We are dedicated to the process of healing as each client dedicates themselves to the process with their eyes on the road to victory.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)

A unique psychotherapy which the clinician may use in toder to diminish negative feelings attached to memories or trauma. the clinician guides eye movements from side to side. It typically brings remarkable freedom from the negative emotions.


Processing trauma through art gives client the opportunity to express many feelings in a safe manner. It also provides healthy coping strategies, communication skills, and it helps relieve stress and alleviate feelings of depression.


Play therapy helps clients communicate through play rather than relying on words. It also may reveal symbolism beyond verbal communication.


Sand is a nonverbal, therapeutic intervention that utilizes a sandbox and figurines. It helps reveal the client’s inner thoughts, challenges, and concerns.


The clinician and client work collaboratively toward newfound freedom, a productive present, and a fulfilling future. AQB’s staff provides compassionate support and helps each person overcome daily challenges, and ultimately develop a long-range collective vision of the life the individual dreams of living.