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Our Staff

Martha Nix Wade, MA- Founder, Executive Director, and Educator, utilizes her life experience to coordinate all of A Quarter Blue’s events, education, and seminars. She received an MA in Intercultural Studies from BIOLA University, a teaching credential from Whittier College, and a BA from UCLA in dance.

Wayne Brazil, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist of 25 years, is A Quarter Blue’s Supervisor. He is the Clinic Director of G. Wayne Brazil and Associates, Counselors and Consultants with offices in Tustin and Orange. Wayne teaches Practicum Classes and Psychopharmacology to Masters Level Students seeking their Marriage and Family Therapist degree at Hope International University. Wayne holds a B.S. in Business from Pepperdine University and an M.A. in Marriage and Family. He is a former business executive and business owner. He developed a a psycho-therapeutic approach called Metaphorical Parts Work. He is also an artist, musician, published award winning poet and author.

Elizabeth Rivas, A Quarter Blue’s Marriage and Family Therapist, specializes in assisting people immediately following a crime. She recently passed her licensing exam. She has an extensive background working in the mental health field, for the past 18 years. She has had the opportunity to work as a corrections officer, sexual assault victim advocate, mental health outreach coordinator, and case manager in a psychiatric hospital. Elizabeth’s background in criminal justice has provided her with a unique insight into the lives of victims who have been violated and she can share her strengths providing hope through therapy and community resources. “My greatest passion is working with sexual assault victims, not only because it affects so many children and adults but sexual abuse doesn’t discriminate against anyone. As an under reported crime, it comes with many challenges and obstacles.”

Gina Di Giacomo holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University. Gina obtained a B.S. in Psychology and family studies from Corbin University. In addition to providing therapy for AQB, Gina is providing therapy for Higher Love Counseling Center and Psychotherapy Associates. “I have discovered that there are more victims of sexual abuse than reported or known. I realized that it can be the root cause of most people’s symptoms or struggles. I was very excited to discover A Quarter Blue and recently joined their team who believes in stopping childhood sexual abuse through education and to encourage victims and their families through their process of healing. I also believe that A Quarter Blue provides what is lacking and much needed in our society today. It is my passion in life to make a positive impact in people’s lives and the future of our society by providing healing, education and empowerment to victims and their families and by being a part of the prevention of sexual abuse.”

Volunteer Marriage Family Therapist Trainees

A Quarter Blue hires Marriage Family Therapist Trainees and interns for at least a yearlong commitment. Here are some highlights about our current Marriage Family Therapist Trainees:

Christopher Maines is a graduate student at Azusa Pacific University earning his M.A. in Clinical Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy. He recently joined A Quarter Blue’s team because “it is an honor to work with this population of wounded yet resilient human beings.” Chris has noticed that many of the clients he has served in his four year career at the County of Orange Adult Mental Health clinic have child sexual abuse as an underlying factor in their mental illness. “I wish for many of my psychiatric clients what is provided at A Quarter Blue: affordable psychotherapy with those who understand their story and are skilled to facilitate healing.” Chris’ M.A. in Communication and Culture from Trinity International University has trained him to communicate truth in the public sphere of competing ideas. “Under the leadership of Martha and Wayne, I believe we are giving a voice to those who have suffered under a cloak of silence; it is a major part of their healing as well as the beginning of change in our society’s approach to child sexual abuse.”

Sharon Hsiang-Hsuen Hou, A Quarter Blue’s Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee, is currently pursuing her clinical psychology Master in Azusa Pacific University. Over the past 15 years, Sharon has been an educator and an advisor working with immigrant adolescences. Meanwhile, she provides pre-marital and marital counseling services as lay counselors with her husband in a local church. Moreover, her passion in helping the underprivileged led her to travel to developing countries multiple times to work with post-traumatic communities. Sharon’s experience in assisting disadvantaged groups provides her extra understanding and acceptance to any wounded lives. Moreover, her counseling background of bringing healing to broken relationships works as an extra strength in helping victims to find hope and light on the road of recovery. Working with A Quarter Blue is a privilege for Sharon to actualize her passion and dream in laying helping hands on the wounded population. Sharon believes that by accompany victims to walk on the road of recovery, each step is a victory.

Petra Rojas is currently a student at Hope International University. She conducts group art therapy with children, adolescents, and adults to help them process past sexual abuse. She also does one on one therapy if they choose to do so. Through this organization, she also works with members of WIT (Whatever It Takes) at a site called Telecare in Santa Ana, CA. She strives to help clients process their past substance abuse and to move forward to get clean. Lastly, she holds a second job as a Behavioral Interventionist, where she works in the home with children with Autism. She uses ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapy with them and helps them to learn social, play, and basic living skills. “I believe God is using me to reach people who are in pain and need help becoming the best they can be. I owe all my thanks to Him who has led me this far in my career.”

Muriel Casamayor is currently attending Hope International University to obtain her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She has experienced work with child and family social services and worked one on one with victims of crime and their families. She also has experience with domestic violence victims. For three years, she has responded in crisis situations helping clients with practical support, such as, relocation. referral to therapeutic services, advocating for victims at court, and helping them with RTO and PRO. “I am very committed and passionate about working with children and families. I chose to work at A Quarter Blue because I want to be able to provide support and education to the victims of sexual assault and their families, especially with the Latino community. As their therapist I want to teach them self-worth, self-esteem, and coping skill to gain control again.”

Board of Directors

Martha Wade, MA(President)had tremendous success as a former child actress (co-starring on The Waltons, Days of Our Lives, and many other television shows). She received her MA in Intercultural Studies from BIOLA University, a teaching credential from Whittier College, and a BA from UCLA in dance.

Wayne Brazil, MA, MFA Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (Treasurer) is a Clinic Director of G. Wayne Brazil and Associates, Counselors and Consultants. In addition to being a board member, Wayne acts as the supervising therapist over the Volunteer Marriage Family Therapist Trainees who lead the individual and group therapy sessions for A quarter Blue.

Micah Burpo, (Vice President) is the CEO of MEB Enterprises, Inc. and SoCal Juniors Volleyball Club. Micah is involved in many of the fundraisers that A Quarter Blue hosts.

Dawn Bullock,
(Secretary) worked as a supervisor at the United States District Court for almost 25 years. After taking a year off from the courts she returned in November of 2015 and is currently the Judicial Assistant to a Federal Judge. She is a member of the Federal Court Clerk’s Association, The Federal Judicial Assistant’s Association, and the National Association of Professional Women. She focuses on A Quarter Blue’s grant writing.

Dale Anderson, (Director) is a 30-year attorney with a wide range of legal experience. He is licensed in both California and Michigan and has a wide range of experience in all areas of litigation, with particular emphasis on class actions.

Advisory Board

  • Wayne Brazil, MA, MFA
  • Kathryn E. Hamel, M.A. — Law Enforcement, California
  • Carol Reza, Founder and Executive Director of Bridge of Faith
  • Sergeant Dan Romo — Law Enforcement, California
  • Maya Hivale—Child Protective Services, California
  • Jennifer Havriluk — Business Owner (American Mailing Printing List Services)
  • Dr. Natasha West — Pediatrician
  • Dr. Sharon Wollaston — Pediatrician
  • Rhonda Stern — Attorney
  • Roylyn Burton, Community Program Specialist with Social Services, Co-Founder of Faith in Motion
  • Sharon Landis, Foster/Adoptive Parent Development Team with Social Services, Co-Founder of Faith in Motion

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