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    A Quarter Blue keeps operational costs to a minimum, 5%.  The majority of our contributions go directly to our programs to help heal our clients and to protect children through education....
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    A child is molested A MINIMUM of every two minutes. This leaves AT LEAST 25% of the population crippled from the trauma. The ripple effect on families increases these numbers beyond comprehension....
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    This group offers lessons in photography & life, guided by our furry, bristly, and scaled friends… and a therapist! Interaction with pets have physical and mental health benefits! Proven to lower blood...
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About A Quarter Blue

Helping Kids Thrive

A Quarter Blue is a Non-profit Organization Dedicated to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse. Letting victims of sexual abuse know they’re not alone.

AQB – Is A Place to Belong. 

Be Heard. And Be You.

Current Programs

Friday Night Creative Therapy

No Artistic Experience Needed, Just A Desire To Heal. After experiencing childhood trauma, often words cannot express the feelings that are trapped behind fear and pain. Art becomes an incredible healing tool to express thoughts, experiences, and develop hope and wholeness. All Ages Welcome!  Call to register 714.932.0845 Each art...
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AQB Programs

We Are Here To Help

Stand up against child abuse and help them find happiness again.

The issue of child abuse is global; it affects every population.  No economic grouping is unscathed.  No race is protected.  This crime against children is pandemic, and needs our attention! A Quarter Blue stands up for this hurting population, and gives them a place to be heard, be real, and be themselves.  This allows victims and their families to know they are not alone.  Help is available.  Healing is definitely possible!

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