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AQB’s Education and Training Services offer training to equip professionals, including: law enforcement, Wrap Around staff, and victim advocates. Topics may include becoming more proficient in effective interventions for crime victims and their families, self-care, and walking alongside families through their grieving process. If crime prevention workshops are desired, see “Become Equipped to Protect & Empower Children.”


Seminars include, but are not limited to:
The Ripple Effect of Sexual Abuse
Discovering a child has been molested, wreaks havoc on family systems. Each person reacts differently to this secret being exposed, and develops coping strategies. As professionals, we can help minister to their individual needs if we have a heightened understanding of their tendencies, and how to more effectively walk them through their individual challenges.
Goal: The Ripple Effect of Sexual Abuse will equip participants with tools to be more effective professionals, tailoring their interventions for optimal results.
1. Break down distinct tendencies of family members who have experienced sexual abuse.
2. Analyze how each person’s reactions affect outcomes
3. Discuss strategies to more effectively work with each family member and them as a family unit.
Trends or Threats
What is trending with youth poses as a threat to their mental, physical, and emotional health? While drugs and sexually transmitted diseases remain threats, other trends may
surprise you. What are the excuses they make to justify these potentially destructive decisions? How do these choices create imbalanced perspectives, which ultimately affect
their mental health and social interactions? Knowing what they are being exposed to and potentially obsessed with makes you more equipped to discuss their choices, and help
them make informed decisions.
Goal: Participants will be exposed to trends that threat the overall health of youth.
1. Present the various trends that are endangering youth.
2. Explain how youth’s choices to engage in many popular practices pose as a threat to their mental, physical, and emotional health.
3. Help participants understand their role in enlightening the community.
You Hold the Keys
This seminar increase participants’ awareness to the uniqunesses of working with survivors of crime. It will focus on building appropriate relationships for preferable outcomes. It will also discuss the need for self-care so professionals will be their best for each survivor of crime.
Fee for seminars not required. However, donations are welcomed for us to continue our life-changing work.