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 A child is molested A MINIMUM of every two minutes. This leaves AT LEAST 25% of the population crippled from the trauma.

The ripple effect on families increases these numbers beyond comprehension. Molestation affects victims physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

~“It’s common for victims of sexual abuse to develop problems trusting people in their lives, so they develop perfectionist personalities, which drive them to be compulsive ‘people pleasers’ and make them believe they have to do everything themselves, otherwise it won’t get done right. These personality traits take their toll… That stress manifests itself in a wide variety of ways, from simple pain to IBS to even cancer.” ~Dr. Larry Bergstrom, Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona

~“Adverse childhood experiences are common, destructive, and have an effect that often lasts for a lifetime. They are the most important determinant of the health and well-being of our nation… the primary issues are well protected by social convention and taboo…We physicians have limited ourselves to the smallest part of the problem, that part where we are comfortable as mere prescribers of medication.” ~Dr. Vincent Felitti, Kaiser Permanente

~ “The long-term effects of the abuse ‘were absolutely profound,’ says lead author and child psychologist Penelope Trickett, USC professor of Social Work. ‘It’s just not mental health issues. Some of these women are suffering from a lot of problems today like sleep issues, poor health utilization, and have a lot of risky behaviors. It’s very disturbing.’”

This is issue is global; it affects every population.  No economic grouping is unscathed.  No race is protected.  This crime against children is pandemic, and needs our attention!

The Solution

A Quarter Blue stands up for this hurting population, and gives them a place to be heard, be real, and be themselves.  This allows victims and their families to know they are not alone.  Help is available.  Healing is definitely possible!


 A Quarter Blue stops childhood sexual abuse through education, and offers therapeutic and practical support for individuals and families who have experienced this crime against children. A Quarter Blue (“AQB”) provides and facilitates support groups, healing programs, and individual counseling.  AQB incorporates art throughout all of our programs due to its amazing therapeutic ability to reveal, heal, and restore. AQB is open to all individuals and families directly affected by sexual abuse, with the exception of the offenders.  

Educating & Evolving Awareness

AQB is constantly developing and translating new curricula addressing mental health concerns connected with the trauma of sexual abuse, and art forms for therapy.AQB also provides education.  Seminars include information concerning prevention, detection, and intervention.  Seminars are not only for family and children of all ages, as well as for professional mental health providers.