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AQB customizes presentations for your community’s needs, whether you be a public or faith-based organization, we can meet your needs

Prevention and empowerment seminars include,
but are not limited to:

Childhood Sexual Abuse Preventions, Detections, & Interventions
Many people feel ill equipped in discussing how to prevent sexual abuse. At the same time, if we fail to educate children they are left naïve and more vulnerable. This workshop gives strategies and resources in how to empower children, which can be duplicated throughout the community since education is the key to prevention of this crime against children.

Sweet Safety
How can 17 candies help protect children? Sweet Safety offers a unique approach to equipping
and empowering children so that they are protected from various crimes, especially sexual
abuse. Participants will learn how to effectively educate children and parents utilizing various
candies. While conquering a sometimes uncomfortable subject this curriculum will help make it much more rewarding to have open and honest conversations while empowering children.
Participants will be equipped with user-friendly tools to educate children in protection from crime, especially sexual abuse.
Pails with 17 candies may be purchased for $25.

Fees for seminars not required. However, donations are welcomed for us to continue our life-changing work.