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Martha Nix Wade, MA, Executive Director, started educating communities about the impact of crime on children, adults, families, and communities after receiving a Master’s in Intercultural Studies from BIOLA University and teaching credential from Whittier College. She authored My Secret Life: A Truthful Look at a Child Actor’s Victory over Sexual Abuse, which details her journey from victim to victor. This proves to be a valuable resource for crime survivors, who feel connected to Martha due to her authentic transparency; they see the possibility of hope as they meet with her for additional support and encouragement. Martha also actively coordinates outreach, presents throughout the world, and whatever else it takes to create at AQB’s hopeful environment. “While I wouldn’t wish sexual assault on anyone, I am grateful I had a team of people around me who helped me heal, so that I can encourage and empower others to fight the good fight. They are not alone; healing is definitely possible! I’ve been down that path, and I will walk alongside those who come to A Quarter Blue’s Trauma Recovery Center.”

Elizabeth Rivas, LMFT #94886, Clinical Supervisor and therapist, has worked as a corrections officer, victim advocate, therapist, mental health outreach coordinator, case manager in a psychiatric hospital, and is completing her Doctorate in Education. She has extensive training and experience in the assessment and treatment of acute trauma and polyvictimization, including treatment of mental health and substance abuse concerns. “My greatest passion is working with all victims of violent crimes in their journey to heal, through compassion and understanding.” 

Marriage Family Therapist Associates

A Quarter Blue’s Trauma Recovery Center utilizes Marriage Family Therapist Associates, who have completed their Master’s Degree.  They provide therapeutic and practical support for crime victims and their families. Here are some highlights about our current Marriage Family Therapist Trainees:

Morris Clardie Jr., MA, a Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Graduate from Pacific Oaks College, has worked with people with autistic behaviors and related disorders. He is inspired to help people change their lives, learn to cope following traumatic events, and have a better future. “My purpose is to be a spark of hope in the mental health community. I believe positive growth leads to prosperous living and long-term healing. Experiencing a paradigm shift occurs as clients learn to understand how they are were re-wired from the traumatic experiences.”

Ariana Vargas, MA a Master’s graduate in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, has worked with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma and also have been in foster care with OCDE Safe Schools and New Alternatives, Inc. “I have a passion working with youth who have been through adversities and trauma. I want to be able to make a difference in their lives in order to restore the opportunity to live a purposeful and meaningful life.”

Marriage Family Therapist Trainees

A Quarter Blue’s Trauma Recovery Center utilizes Marriage Family Therapist Trainees, who are in their second half of a Master’s degree in Marriage Family Therapy.  They provide therapeutic and practical support for crime victims and their families.

Angelica Garcia, a Master’s student in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University, has experience as a Behavioral Therapist for children with Autism and related disorders. “My purpose is to help victims of crime learn how to effectively cope and heal from past traumas. I am very fortunate to be a part of the AQB staff because I am surrounded by experienced, caring, and passionate clinicians.”

Alissa Barreto, a Master’s student in Marriage and Family Therapy at Vanguard University, worked with foster children and domestic violence survivors at Hart’s Community Homes and Sheepfold’s Shelter. Alissa trains parents about decreasing violence. “It is truly an honor to work with such a self-sacrificing and caring organization that will stop at nothing to give back to the under-served community of children needing to be heard and valued.” 

Savannah Curdo, a Master’s Degree student in Clinical Psychology at Vanguard University, spent half of her childhood in the South Pacific Islands. She has an understanding and respect for different cultures and ethnicities. She has assisted teens and women through the process of reporting and healing following rape and molestation. She integrates art into therapy and is thrilled to lead AQBTRC’s art processing group. An artist herself, she believes art “acts as a voice when words fail to fully express what a person may be feeling or thinking.”


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