Martha Nix Wade co-starred on The Waltons, Days of Our Lives, and many other television shows.  While Martha’s life appeared to be picture perfect to adoring fans and family members.  Years of sexual abuse behind closed doors were wreaking havoc on her perception of love, life, relationships, and self.  Her autobiography,  My Secret Life shares her journey to face the truth on the way to freedom from guilt and shame.  Her personal experience led her to start the non-profit, A Quarter Blue.

In the summer of 2003, Martha Nix Wade spoke in Imbituba, Brazil at the local public school and at community events concerning the realities surrounding sexual abuse.  The people of the community were grateful that someone was so willing to be open. “Nobody ever talks about this.  You need to tell the people in the United States.”  When Martha returned, she felt driven to educate communities about how to stop childhood sexual abuse.  The need was great, but the resources were few and rarely up-to-date.

Martha created the name A QUARTER BLUE to lead people to ask about its significance, therefore opening the door to educate the person inquiring.  A QUARTER of children will be left BLUE from the trauma of sexual abuse.  Also, blue is the ribbon for child abuse prevention.  A QUARTER BLUE’s official mission became to stop childhood sexual abuse through education and awareness and encourage survivors throughout their process of healing.

A QUARTER BLUE had various doors open as a for-profit organization, but the Board of Directors believed more opportunities would develop as a not-for-profit organization. A Quarter Blue became a 501©3 effective March 28, 2007.

An Advisory Board was created in 2009 to bring another level of credibility to A Quarter Blue’s education materials and seminars.

A QUARTER BLUE has free prevention and healing seminars for all ages, professions, and cultures.  Training and motivational seminars have taken place with preschoolers, parents, police officers, and more, primarily in Orange County.  At the same time, seminars have also been given at national conventions, including: SADD, PTA, Fraternal Order of Police.  Professionals, parents, and students have also become better equipped in Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and India.

A QUARTER BLUE creates resources:
*  I Am A Super Kid: An Age-Appropriate Guide to Empower Three to Seven Year-Olds in Protecting Their Bodies
*  SECURE, a high school magazine that encourages survivors to realize they are not alone, and they may need help to work through their trauma.  It also seeks to develop  students’ self-worth.
*  My Secret Life: A Truthful Look at a Child Actor’s Victory Over Sexual Abuse, the autobiography of A Quarter Blue’s founder
*  Educating Adults to Protect & Empower Children, a book for trusted adults to better understand how to raise children to be less likely to fall prey to the ploys of pedophiles
*  A Treasure to Behold, a picture book that encourages readers that a treasured beauty develops out of persevering in spite of the hardship experienced
*  We’ve Been There, a magazine for elementary-aged girls created by high school-aged girls
*  The Tale of Gale, an illustrated story of a brave young boy who  runs for help when suspects a coach is being inappropriate

In April 2011 A Quarter Blue hosted its first art exhibit to help increase awareness and sensitivity concerning sexual abuse prevention and healing.  These art exhibits continue.  A Quarter Blue has also added therapeutic art workshops and support groups as a means to help the community.

Currently A Quarter Blue serves the community through:
Seminars ~ Publications ~ Therapeutic Art Workshops ~ Parent Support Groups~Referrals~On-line assistance ~ Art Exhibits ~ Victim Advocacy ~ Podcast on Skidrowstudios.com ~ Victim Support Groups ~ Parent Support Group added in Spanish ~ Workshops for Foster Families in English and Spanish ~ Dreams Alive Fund to grant wishes of victims and their families ~ Traveling Art Exhibit and Performance the month of April in Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties ~ School seminars ~ Dreams Alive Center fundraising kick-off to provide a place for victims and their families to healing through art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, play therapy, and psychotherapy